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Open Board Positions

Santa Ynez Valley Baseball has the following board positions open.

Director of Umpires

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the league please contact us at:

America's Pastime in the Santa Ynez Valley


OBJECTIVE: The objective of SYVPB is to instill in youth, good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage so that they develop into good citizens.  It is the SYVPB Board’s responsibility to promote this objective by providing a safe and supervised baseball program. While the SYVPB encourages the attainment of exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games, the primary goal remains to develop good citizens.

MISSION: We strive to make SYVPB a great place for kids, parents, friends, family and coaches to gather and enjoy the game of baseball.

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Support the Kids! Santa Ynez PONY Baseball depends on widespread community support to help achieve our goal of providing an opportunity of bringing a fun, healthy youth sports experience that extends beyond the game of baseball; encouraging the principles of personal accountability, effort, sportsmanship and team play…with the net result of teaching important life skills.

League-wide photo from 2015 Season Opening Day

Our 40+ Year History

Santa Ynez PONY baseball was started in 1975 by five folks who held a dream to see youth baseball in our valley. Their passion was so selfless and visionary, as they did not even have baseball-aged children at the time. They strived to create this league for their own kids to enjoy one day. The very first board of directors included Duane Serristlev, Ken Verkler, David Jamieson, Dick Pauley and Frieda Sumpter. The first league had only two divisions, Mustang and Bronco.  Their goal was to build a comprehensive program to teach kids how to play “real” baseball, so that our Valley teams could be competitive with teams outside the area. In the subsequent years, folks like Bob Phillips and Frank Kelsey, among others, were instrumental in securing our location on Pine Street and constructing this complex our kids play on today. Funding to build this complex came primarily from Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreations queen contests.